In a recent children’s sermon, I was trying to illustrate how much we can do when we join together in mission. (The specific focus was Project 20/20, which collects eyeglasses for medical teams to distribute in the developing world. See I invited the children—three boys—to try to put their arms around a large rectangular map of the world, mounted on a tripod. Of course, none could, and neither could I. But then we encircled the map/tripod combo, holding hands. In partnership, we could go around the globe.

One kid, Will, the youngest, hugged the map when it was his turn. That was a better lesson than I ever could have taught! “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast ordained strength…” (Psalm 8:2 KJV). 

Hug the world this World Communion Sunday, and every day. Love it for Jesus, because of Jesus.

© 2010 Tom Cheatham