Dr. Steve Hayner, the president of my alma mater, Columbia Seminary, has a wonderful site called “Steve’s Stuff” (http://shayner.tumblr.com) with all sorts of “missional material,” as he calls it, which he has “mined” from the Internet. I invite you to check it out frequently or subscribe.

From his site, I discovered Moot, a resource from Britain. Listen to this wonderful wide-ranging podcast interview with Brian McLaren entitled “Church, Mission, and Saintliness”: http://www.moot.uk.net/2010/07/20/church-mission-and-saintliness-an-interview-with-brian-mclaren/.

The McLaren interview sent me to Google to find a video by Jonathan Haidt (pronounced “Hite”) on the difference between liberals and conservatives. The talk was done during the Bush presidency, but still has a great deal of value. If anything, the divisions between liberals and conservatives have gotten deeper. The talk is aimed at liberals, by the way. Here it is:

As if it needed saying, what a great treasure trove of resources is the Internet!

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