A while back, I wrote about crosses done up in zebra and other prints. I thought I had seen it all then. But as Bruce Cockburn reminds us in a song title, “You’ve Never Seen Everything.”

This I wish I hadn’t seen. I was flipping through one of those free book review Bible coversmagazines from a chain bookstore and ran across the ad pictured at right.

If I thought zebra crosses were silly, this is sillier and more trivial still. Sport Bible covers for men, with free compass, that look like cargo pants or a fishing vest? Urban covers to show your style? Give me a break!

It’s not the Bible kept pristine in a cover that is the book truly revered and obeyed. It’s the dog-eared one with the broken spine from being opened so much. It’s the underlined, coffee- and tear-stained Scripture. It’s the volume not merely taken to church on Sunday in a jacket that reveals your tastes and hobbies, but the book read with attention and care daily for guidance and hope.

Give me a tattered and loved copy of the Scriptures any day. Men, you can show your style in the suits you wear and the car you drive. The way to honor the Bible is to love and obey the God who speaks in it.

© 2010 Tom Cheatham