There’s a restaurant location in Starkville that seems to be jinxed. The original McDonald’s in the area opened there, but then moved across the street. Since then no restaurant at the spot has been successful. When we moved here in 2002, there was a BBQ joint on the spot. Then a steakhouse opened. Next a Mexican restaurant that went through two owners and names. For some reason they took forever to get a liquor license, which killed their business. Now the building has been completely torn down (in two days!) and a chain chicken and biscuit place is going in.

But just as that location was jinxed/cursed. so are others blessed. And I don’t mean churches necessarily. Yes, a church building is a sacred space, but factors affecting restaurants and other businesses help or hurt houses of worship too. I think of the little church about an hour from here that’s on the wrong side of the four-lane and hidden by trees or the country church I supplied once or twice in seminary that was impossible to find.

No, what I have in mind today is the place where you are right now. If you are a believer, you are part of the body of Christ, and so Jesus is there at your spot at this moment—in you, because of you, through you. Your presence makes the place sacred. Schoolroom, boardroom, bedroom, bathroom, office, surgery suite, gym, cafeteria, farm, park, wherever. Jesus hallows it with his Name, because you bear that Name.

So be the voice of Jesus to comfort, the hands of Jesus to heal, the feet of Jesus to go where there is need, the authority of Jesus to rebuke evil, the love of Jesus to care for the left out and the lonely. Let every place you and I go today be hallowed.

© 2010 Tom Cheatham