I was truly gratified to find that my college friend Pat Terry was recording again. Pat was something of a guitar hero to me at the University of Georgia. I still remember being thrilled whenever he did a concert at College Life (the big Sunday night gathering of Campus Crusade). This was back in the 70s, when he had the Pat Terry Group, one of the premiere acts in what’s now known as “Contemporary Christian Music,” but then was called “Jesus music.” They did wonderful stuff like “I Can’t Wait to See Jesus” and “I’ve Been Wanting to Tell You.” I had never heard anything like it.

Pat’s music and theology matured as he did. The group eventually broke up, Pat became a solo act, and his approach to faith became much more nuanced, as I recall from a conversation in my breakfast room in Montevallo, AL in the 1980s. His last solo album was in 1985, and he began writing country music.

Just on a whim, I searched for him on Facebook the other day and, though I didn’t find a page for Pat himself, I did find a fan page with a website listed. I went there immediately and found that he has a new studio album, “Laugh for a Million Years.” The title track is a tribute to a mutual friend, Mark Heard. Of course, I ordered the CD right away and look forward to its arrival.

I’m still trying to figure out what Pat’s re-emergence as a recording artist means to me. Maybe it’s just a nice blast from the past. Maybe it’s more than that. I’m still thinking about that one.

For Pat’s new album and to read his blog and other materials, go to www.patterryonline.com.


We’ve all been saddened by the terrible devastation in Haiti, the worst in the poor nation’s history. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have suffered such loss, especially in a country that already had inadequate infrastructure. With even that gone, it’s so very hard even to get the most basic necessities in. I pray that God will bring healing to shattered lives, and all people of good will may show compassion.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, like so many other agencies, is helping. To contribute, visit www.pcusa.org/pda. Thanks to Elder Tom Carroll of the First Presbyterian Church in Amory, MS for the info on the link.

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