Keep awake, therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour (Matthew 25:13).

I travel the same road twice a week to work as an interim pastor in a town about an hour north of Starkville. Except that it’s never really the same road. One day there might be more than the usual number of 18-wheelers or I’ll see some housetrailers being hauled. Sunday might be smooth sailing or a sunny day, but Wednesday it’s pouring rain or I get behind a slowpoke on the two-lane. Of course, I never know what sort of construction there will be; on one trip the northbound left lane somewhere along the way might be closed, the next time it will be open, but something else is going on. And the wildlife is always interesting to watch for. Deer might be grazing in one of the many open fields or a hawk perched on a wire, scanning for dinner. Another time, nothing at all.

Our lives are often routine. We do the same things day after day, and maybe we complain about the lack of variety or excitement or challenge. But truth be told, like my road, no day is the same as another. Each presents its own challenges and opportunities, which sometimes are the same thing. Yes, they may be variations on a theme, but different from the day before or last week, nevertheless.

Staying alert, as Jesus advised his disciples to be, is the key. The little details in each day make it different from the one before and the one to come after. Small choices might have big consequences. And, certainly, some days turn into something that we label with a capital “D.” The transformation from routine to memorable might come unexpectedly or even be planned, but the fact that some days become Days reminds us that anytime can be the moment of transformation, the time of God’s action, the day of his coming.

© 2009 by Tom Cheatham