Every weekday morning I prepare oatmeal of some variety for my 86 year-old father-in-law’s breakfast. Even though I add the same amount of milk every time to the contents of the microwave packet, I don’t get the same results. Some days after its 1 minute, 30 seconds in the microwave, the cereal is too thin; on others, too thick. Occasionally it will be just right after stirring and cooling. And though I use the same size bowl along with that same amount of milk and the flakes from the envelope, the waves in the khaki-colored sea of oatmeal created by the cycling of the oven will sometimes spill over the lip of the container, and I’ve got a mess on the turntable. Other mornings, all is well. Is it my stirring technique? Some slight difference in liquid? Variations in the rotation of the turntable?

Life is inherently as chaotic and unpredictable as that morning oatmeal. The actions of one person in government or finance are beyond your control or mine, yet may affect our lives for good or ill. The mix of people out on the city street at the precise moment you decide to go the grocery store or I head for the mall could mean I end up with my car smashed in a collision because of someone’s carelessness or you are shown courtesy by a driver not too much in a hurry to let you merge into traffic. And at any moment, without warning, something terrible could happen. But so could something wonderfully surprising.

Life is unpredictable. So it’s particularly good news that there is One who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

© 2008 by Tom Cheatham