I’m a guitarist, but don’t have a band. The names below are possibilities if I did. I’ve tried to combine in some of them ancient texts or practices with very contemporary science. If anyone reads this and actually uses one of the names, I’d love to know!

Quantum Eucharist
Jesus Clones (a twist on the call to be imitators of Christ)
Sick Green Horse (find it in the book of Revelation)
Jael and the Pegheads (how’s that for obscure?)
Temple Outcasts (from somewhere in the Gospel of John)
Sacerdotal Outlaw Band
Ezekiel Starship (wheel within a wheel…)
Camelhair Coat (Jesus’ forerunner’s fashion choice)
Manual Override (follow policy or really care?)
Ora Software (“ora” is Latin for “pray”)
Postmodern Saints
Head Full of Eyes (again from the book of Revelation)
Chancel Monkeys

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